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Givology Book – A Guide to Giving

April 20, 2013 - 7:36 pm 1 Comment

We’ve sold 1,000 copies so far since our book launch in January 2013! Get your copy here on amazon!

What is effective giving? What exactly is the meaning of giving? A Guide to Giving, written collectively by volunteers of the global organization Givology, answers these questions by delving into topics of social enterprise best practices, measuring “return on giving”, and optimizing volunteer engagement. The first half of the book is primarily a handbook for effective giving, drawing lessons from the Givology experience for budding changemakers. The second half shares the stories, motivations, and practical advice of 12 inspiring social entrepreneurs who have enabled extraordinary change around the world. Looking at statistics of global poverty, it’s easy to think, “How can one individual make a difference?” The purpose of the book is to inspire you to action to start making a difference today!

“As young as they are, the authors have realized what took me years to learn: understanding, assessing, and optimizing impact is at the core of any truly effective philanthropic act…In this book, you will find encouraging stories of giving, practical advice from amazing organizations about how to create a successful culture of giving, and a framework for how to ensure your giving yields results. I have no doubt Givology will ignite a new generation of effective changemakers.” - Bhavna Shyamalan, representing the M Night Shyamalan Foundation

The social entrepreneurs featured in the book include the founders of:

  • Shining Hope for Communities: Working in the Kibera slums of Kenya, Shining Hope runs a school for girls and a community health program
  • Circle of Peace School: For the last two decades, the school has provided high quality education to underprivileged children in Kampala, Uganda
  • Harnessing the energy and passion of young people, DoSomething advocates volunteerism as a platform for social change
  • Emerge Global: In collaboration with women’s protective shelters, Emerge Global provides a comprehensive education for girls, teaching them jewelry making skills to earn a living
  • Rural China Education Foundation: Focusing on evidence-based metrics, the Rural china education Foundation pioneers new models of education in rural China to promote effective learning
  • Peach Foundation: The Peach Foundation provides scholarships and mentorship to students in rural China, with identifying high-potential students under tough economic circumstances.
  • Starfish One by One: Catalyzing education of rural Mayan girls in Guatemala, Starfish one by one invests in scholarship and mentorship to promote leadership and achievement
  • More than Me: Working in the slums of West Point, Liberia, More than Me focuses on getting girls off the streets into schools
  • The Yonso Project: Working in the Yonso community in rural Ghana, the Yonso Project implements community-driven development and education projects
  • Colectivo TAN 473: As community art space in Guanajuato, Mexico, Colectivo TAN 473 encourages creative exploration with the goal of literacy and community development
  • Tanzanian Children’s Fund: Dedicated to improving the lives of marginalized children in the Karatu region of Northern Tanzania, the Tanzanian Children’s Fund provides comprehensive education and care to students
  • Kabultec: Championing the causes of women and literacy in Afghanistan, Kabultec promotes the development of civil society through educational and literacy programs