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Fall Times

October 29, 2012 - 12:36 pm 1 Comment

It’s been a while since my last update. Alas, I seem to do poorly on my resolution to keep posting regularly! With Hurricane Sandy now passing through New York City and two NYSE market days now cancelled (in the middle of earnings season no less), I find myself with some extra time. Below are just a series of updates, in no particular order:

  • I moved into a new apartment in August – still down town, but in a much nicer building with more space and a more comfortable living arrangement. Rather than “dorm like living”, this new place now feels more like home, and I’m taking advantage of a nice kitchen and living area to cook more and invite friends over for dinner. We’ve had plenty of friends and family visit, which is always a delight on weekends.
  • I went home to celebrate my sister’s birthday in surprise. (Alas, my dearest father has good intentions but an inability to keep a secret.) Together, my family went bowling and then had a blast sharing stories and eating tasty home cooked food. Later, my sister came up with New York City to visit me, as well as attend a 2NE1 concert! She’ll be back later for a Big Bang concert in November, which I’m also excited to attend!
  • During the end of the summer, I took a short trip to Maine as well. In addition to taking a food tour of Portland, we ate eat duck fat fries, lobster rolls, fried clams, lobster, maple syrup popcorn, whoopee pies, and tons of other tasty local delights. Even though I love living in New York City and the exciting pace of life, sometimes getting away to a quiet, quaint town gives a nice reprieve.
  • In September, my 26th birthday came and passed happily, with Dave taking me out to see Wicked! Since hearing the music over and over again sophomore year while sharing a room with Lauren, I was incredibly delighted to see the actual musical, particularly from fantastic seats in the front! With dramatic prop effects, funny songs, an engaging plot, and eye-catching costumes, Wicked really exceeded all my expectations!
  • As an effort to see more of the city outside of Manhattan, I went to Flushing twice to explore ‘small eats’, reminiscent of the night markets of Taipei. Rather than going the conventional route of restaurants, we decided to journey into underground shopping malls to sample traditional dishes from food stands representing cuisine from all over China. From hand-pulled lamb noodles and bone marrow soup to spicy Chengdu tripe and beef tongue and traditional Taiwanese oyster pancake, I relished in the vast diversity of Chinese food. That being said, nothing can beat my mom’s dumplings and now my dad’s bread – for me, home cooked food still trumps everything.
  • Givology has been going well! We have so many exciting upcoming campaigns and events. On November 4th at Culture Fix from 12 PM to 4 PM, we’re holding a joint event with 10×10 to showcase volunteer opportunities in the Givology NYC chapter, as well as spread awareness about the upcoming documentary about girls’ education. Please click here to learn more about the event, as well as reserve tickets in advance!
  • With the complete new launch of our website at the end of the September (basically absorbing Carl, Dave, and me for weeks), we’re initiating an exciting 12/12 campaign for Givology to reach our goal of $120,000 by the end of this year. Not only do we have our book and product launch coinciding with this milestone, but we’re poised to make 2013 the best year yet for Givology, starting with a large kick-off event in early December. With now 16 chapters and a fully committed team in place, I’m really excited about the future for Givology.