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Boston – Arrival at Beantown

June 12, 2008 - 5:39 pm 3 Comments

So much has happened since my last post. I’m now in Boston, working as a summer analyst at an investment management firm.

As soon as I got off the plane, I immediately liked Boston. The city simultaneously radiates youthfulness and history – the streets reflect the glory of the past, with many small shops to explore and discover. I immensely enjoy walking the streets of Boston and taking in the beautiful scenery and sights. My apartment is conveniently located to the office, as well as the main sights of the Boston area. Please do come and visit! The central public library is absolutely glorious – beautiful architecture and extremely expansive collection of books -…sadly, I think that our print resources at Van Pelt cannot compare.

Givology seems to be progressing well, especially since we have formed partnerships with various education NGOs in China, including an organization dedicated to helping students affected by the Sichuan earthquake. We have enough student and project profiles to last us as long as we desire – the most critical component of our strategy. We’re set to launch in about a month – our tech team has diligently coordinated the development of our back-end and front-end, while our other executive members have helped shape our partnerships, connecting us to so many potential funders and supporters. Likewise, kudos to Lauren Zarzar for effectively managing our legal incorporation and tax exemption application. Especially since Givology opens up a new donation channel for partner NGOs working in the education space and builds awareness about the problems students face in the developing world, I am truly committed to its vision, and will do anything to see this project fully completed.

YouthBank also appears to be progressing well – sadly, I am unable to attend the retreat in person in NYC this Sunday, but I will definitely be conferencing in. Since we are set to launch the community center with photography and recording studio services this winter, so much work remains to be done!