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Friday May 18, 2007

May 18, 2007 - 9:52 pm 3 Comments

It’s my last day before heading off to the Big Apple. After volunteering at FINCA for a week and an ambitious re-exploration of DC, I’m refreshed and ready for the start of my internship. Although my family and friends wonder why I chose to spend my limited free time doing non-profit work, I am convinced that contributing to the microcredit revolution constitutes an urgent priority.  

I found seven dead mice in the basement today. The putrid smell is nauseating. My dearest father attempted to pass off the duty of mortician to my mother, who not surprisingly, gifted me with the role.


Eulogy for the mice:

You sad little creatures of insignificant stature
Choosing death after a gluttonous indulgence
Of poisoned sustenance – a form of reluctant abnegation? 

Ah, but you lack the capacity of contemplation
In your sad, small life that ended
Today, May 18, 2007.

May you rest in peace, my little friends.

Friday May 4, 2007

May 4, 2007 - 2:21 am 1 Comment

Junior year has ended, reminding me of how quickly time passes. Each year is packed with so many different adventures, struggles, and milestones. At the time, I always feel as if the day will never end, but once finished, I can only lament the evanescence of the moment.

In contemplating all that has transpired, so many memories are resurfacing…Professor Paz (Organización Económica Internacional) in Madrid, battling it out with the Señora, Lincoln-Douglas value debate and WACFLs, internships in Asia, Chemistry lab with Dr. Kennedy, Destination Imagination in our old basement, Ms. LaBernz and the New World Order, Globalization with Mr. Lamb (and making Thomas Friedman cringe), to name but a few…

All these memories feel so distant, yet close. I certainly hope that the rest of life won’t pass in this dream-like fashion – a theme clearly evident in “Our Town” by Thorton Wilder. Perhaps it’s our intrinsic flaw to never understand the true value of the present. I hope I will never encounter the day in which the future is nothing but a regurgitation of fond and elusive past.