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Sunday February 26, 2006

February 26, 2006 - 9:39 pm 6 Comments

I got first place in the Pennsylvania state debate tournament with a 6-0 round record and a 3-0 panel decision in the final elimination round!

More importantly, our team placed 4th in the sweepstakes with 45 total points, earning us a very large trophy! Truly, the sweepstakes trophy represented a collective effort. I am very proud that all my debaters earned 6 points each with a 2-2 finish. (I earned 12 points in preliminary rounds and 11 points in final rounds for a total of 23!) 

From last year’s embarrassing empty-handedness to this year’s finish, I’m very pleased with the progress we made. (Last year, I failed to break because although I had a 3-1 record, I was .2 speaker points lower than the fourth seed.) This year, all that hard work finally paid off! In addition, we still have nationals to look forward to. Armed with the new experience gained from this tournament, we’re off to a great start for finishing strongly this season and starting off next year on a good note.

For the most part, the rounds were exciting and intense. Although the quality of finals fell below my expectations, semi-finals and the power-matched prelims were very intense.

I suppose everyone has a true passion. Debate energizes me, allowing me to shed the pressure of expectation and normal academic life on campus. The excitement of the intensity and spontaneity of the round…a true joy.

Tuesday February 7, 2006

February 7, 2006 - 3:59 pm 3 Comments

I’ve been extraordinarily busy these past few weeks due to a torrent of club activities, new projects, and interviews all over the place. Last week, I went to NYC twice for interviews, and the week before, to Washington DC. In particular, I really enjoyed the Super-Day event this past Thursday and Friday – I really liked the people, the interview itself, and the travel arrangements. At least, I’ve been able to achieve a few desired results (though I certainly hope that the process will be more fruitful and painless next year). Each time I’ve had an interview, I’ve always been asked, “why are you interested in investment banking if your resume screams social activist?”

I think I’m getting good at answering that question.

Exciting news: Through the Global Interdependence Center and a publishing contract with World Press Scientific, I’ll be coming out with a book as a co-editor of a compendium of speech transcripts and research papers on the issue of China in an interdependent global economy.

Less exciting news: There is a high possibility that I won’t be able to study in Argentina like I hoped since the timing of the academic calendar conflicts with an internship I hope to take. We’ll see once I have the interview offer guaranteed. (Right now, they told me that they have to interview one more candidate, but that the possibility of them switching away from me is “highly unlikely”. We’ll see what that means in the next few days.)

Anyway, please write me letters! I’m suffering from a bit of anxiety disorder – have quite some trouble sleeping. With this week of 2 midterms, interviews, club activities, and future essays and assignments, I’m feeling a little bit heckled.

Nevertheless, life is enjoyable for the excitement and adventure that it brings.