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Saturday January 7, 2006

January 7, 2006 - 9:53 pm 2 Comments

In light of all the events that have happened in the whirlwind of the last 48 hours, I have witnessed the true strength of family solidarity. I have always known that I am superbly lucky – blessed with a loving mother, an unconditionally supportive and humorous father, and a sister who thinks the world of me. Together, the four of us have weathered so many challenges, relying upon each other with an utmost sincerity. Unlike so many of my peers, I know I have a cushion I can rely on in any circumstance – to share my deepest regrets, fears, and failures among people who will never judge me, will always believe in what I can do, and who sometimes know me better than I know myself. Likewise, I appreciate beyond the capacity of words the unique character and expression of love of my mother, father, and sister, and would do anything to make their lives happier and more fulfilled. Despite all the teasing and the occasional bout of hateful words weaned from irritation, my family will always be there for me – there is nothing I value more in this world. Every success I attribute to my hard work and dedication is spawned from the unconditional behind-the-scenes support of my family, who has both comforted me in my darkest moments and amplified my euphoria in times of triumph. No matter the difficulty of the situation, I am committed to making my mother, father, and sister happier.

Faced with any difficulty, our family will always step forward, discover the positive in the seemingly impenetrable shroud of tragedy, and support each other unconditionally. I know you feel pain for what has happened. But I promise you, we will be there to help you walk forward. Never look back and be afraid of being open with us. No one will ever judge you. We will fight for you to the death – do anything to make you feel better.

My best wishes go out to the one who has lost someone dear. This terrible, completely unpredictable loss reminds me of how much I have, and ultimately, how much I can possibly lose.

Today, I am back on campus, ready to start a new semester after spending more than four hours switching rooms. My mother and father not only tidied up my room after making a complete room swap with my suite mate, but also cleaned the common room, kitchen, the double room, and the bathroom so that I would be able to start the new semester with a clean apartment and a refreshed mindset. My sister placed all the wonderful trinkets she has given me in delightful places, and helped me make my room feel more like “home”.

After spending a wonderful Christmas vacation in the cocoon of my house, I have no desire to be back on campus. Nevertheless, I look forward to my classes, the challenges that I will be facing, and the excitement of exposing my mind to new ideas and concepts. In the words of my father and mother, there is no point to dwell on the past or future; one should just cherish the current times and never regret.

Mom, dad, Grace…please take care of yourselves. Be happy and healthy. 

Tuesday January 3, 2006

January 3, 2006 - 6:42 pm 2 Comments

Wow…Bryce is quite an amazing program. [Thanks Lauren for giving it to me.] Below are my creations of the day. What do you think?